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The Fight Sugar Story

Snacking without a guilty conscience, is it possible? We all love chocolate in one form or another. And cocoa has many positive properties per se, which unfortunately are largely overshadowed by the negative effects of the sugar. So our motivation was to change that.

The journey lasted just 10 years until today and started in a small private kitchen in Vienna. Many years of research, trial and error have been carried out there, and we have often failed.

Why are there no bars that
taste good and are healthy?

“This just can't ever work.”

We were laughed at many times, and the project was considered impossible. "You need sugar for them to taste good", "More than 20% less sugar won't work"; "You can’t produce the bar", " The raw materials are far too expensive, no customer can pay for them” are just some of the comments we have heard over the years.

But at NEOH we don’t give up, and so we just kept going.

In summary, we now have a bar with 95% less sugar, and according to market research it tastes even better than many chocolate bars. Plus many more things that may have positive effects on your body like: lots of fiber, proteins, little impact on your blood sugar, less calories etc.

Can it get any better?

Always! We think of our bar as a smart phone that is constantly updated and thus also improved. With each production, we continue to tinker with small adjustments that should either further improve the blood sugar curve or adaptations that simply taste better.

And now there is NEOH ­ even with our own website that you are surfing around and where you have probably even forgotten that you were about to order a few bars online. Fortunately, we have considered this and inserted a link for you here to our Webshop. You’re welcome!


Bernhard Klee

Living in America has been his dream since he was a little boy. He closely watched Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career and was inspired. When he studied in New Orleans for one year he promised himself that he would be back one day. Fortunately he won a Greencard in the diversity lottery and could move to the US with his family ten years later. He has been living in the Pacific Northwest since 2011 and was working as a Marketing manager for T-Mobile US from 2011-2017.

Bernhard enjoys all the Pacific Northwest has to offer, especially watersports, hiking, and the great local breweries. He enjoys running, dancing, traveling and play fighting with his 2 boys Vincent and Benjamin. Since he can remember he was passionate about foods and drinks that tasted great but did not come loaded with sugar. In 2017 Bernhard tried the NEOH recipe for the first time and got very excited. Now he is living his ultimate American dream: Building his own business while working together with a friend from Austria and some of the most talented people to make NEOH a big hit in the US.


Daniel Matson

Ever since he can remember, he has been starting businesses. From renting out toys in elementary school to a (failed) record label in high school, his mind has always been on business. Right after college, he started working in promotional marketing for brands like Naked Juice, KeVita, and popchips, and it was actually at a popchips event where he met Bernhard and learned all about NEOH. As soon as he tasted the first sample, he was sold! They’ve been working together ever since on their goal of sharing NEOH with the world! When he’s not working, he loves to workout, play hockey, and tour with his band!


Roman Romanuk

Prior to NEOH, Roman co-founded and still operates, which is a market leader in native advertising. Roman holds a bachelor in business administration with a concentration in Technology & Innovation Management from the University of Washington in Bothell.

When Roman isn't working on his portfolio companies or jamming with other entrepreneurs on startups (which is almost always because it’s his calling), he loves to travel, hike, snowboard, and play ice hockey.

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