NEOH athlete Anna Donauer / CrossFit 💪
NEOH athlete Anna Donauer / CrossFit 💪


Anna Donauer always likes to go abroad. But no matter where, CrossFit always plays a big role in her life, whether on Bali or in her hometown CrossFit Wr. Neustadt. And although she doesn't like online qualifiers, she qualified for the CrossFit Games 2020 as the Fittest Woman in Austria.

I used to be the little blonde girl that nobody knew.

NEOH: Your strongest CrossFit discipline?


NEOH: Finish the sentence: The CrossFit community is ...

Anna: ... a wonderful anchor.

NEOH: Nickname: Anna makes butter - why?

Anna: Do you know the story of the two frogs popping into a bucket of milk? Look it up ;)

NEOH: End the sentence: CrossFit is for me ...

Anna: life. My job. My free time. My love.

NEOH: How long does a cat need to exercise to get sore muscles?

Anna: Cats don't exercise. They sit in the corner and think about how and when they murder you in cold blood. #teamdog

Anna in action:

NEOH athlete Anna Donauer / CrossFit 💪

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