NEOH athlete Markus Ragginger / Wrestling   🤼‍♂️
NEOH athlete Markus Ragginger / Wrestling   🤼‍♂️


Vice World Champion and Vice European Champion Markus knows that wrestling isn't just about technique and muscles. Markus has to stick to a comprehensive training and nutrition program every day to bring his ideal weight to scales. Because in addition to strength, technique and experience, body weight is also an important factor in the ring.

Respect is the most important thing in our sport.

NEOH: Wrestling and Olympia. Sounds like the Asterix & Obelix story, right?

Markus: Being strong like Obelix is not enough, you also need a brain like Asterix to wrestle.

NEOH: Finish the sentence: A no-go in wrestling is ...

Markus: show no respect to the competitor after the fight.

NEOH: Do some people make fun of your wrestling clothes?

Markus: Of course there are nicer sports clothes, but I'm not worried about how my clothes will be received by the audience.

NEOH: How would a match end when you fight against a wrestler?

Markus: I think it would be a clear victory for me. Since most of the wrestling is “fake” - with us everything is real.

NEOH: How long was your shortest and your longest fight?

Markus: My shortest fight was only 11 seconds. However, most of my fights go over the entire fight time of 6 minutes.

Markus in action:

NEOH athlete Markus Ragginger / Wrestling   🤼‍♂️

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