NEOH athlete Markus Saurer / FMB 🚴
NEOH athlete Markus Saurer / FMB 🚴


In addition to motocross driving, Markus got into Mountainbike dirt jumping almost 10 years ago and still is into it as a pro. He is one of the top riders in the Freestyle Moutainbike World Tour and a promising future awaits his career.

Those who don't risk anything fall by the wayside.

NEOH: What is your signature trick?

Markus: Backflip Barspin to Tailwhip

NEOH: Finish the sentence: My mountain bike is closer to me than ...

Markus: … friends who don't go biking with me when I want to. 😉

NEOH: What does "shredding" mean?

Markus: For me, shredding means trying something new on the bike, even though you have no idea what will happen or when you even expect to fail or fall. Although I believe that the progression in slopestyle sport is only possible by "shredding". If you don't risk anything, you'll unfortunately be left behind in this sport. However, someone who doesn't know his limits will always be violated. Calculated risk is everything. 😉

NEOH: Finish the sentence: The hottest thing about my bike is ...

Markus: ...that you can do tricks with it that you sometimes can't even imagine in your head. The diversity of a dirt jump bike is very extensive: slopestyle, trail, skate park and much more.

NEOH: Competition or show?

Markus: Both have their charm. However, I have been tending towards shows lately, because at shows the competition stress is completely eliminated and mistakes do not have such a serious impact on the result. However, I will happily contest both disciplines again.

Markus in action:

NEOH athlete Markus Saurer / FMB 🚴

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