NEOH athlete Stephanie Schabl / CrossFit 💪
NEOH athlete Stephanie Schabl / CrossFit 💪


Steffi is probably one of the most ambitious women in the CrossFit scene and has earned the title Fittest Woman in Austria twice in a row in 2017 and 2018. Steffi also works as a personal trainer and coach and specializes in weight lifting and what a surprise: CrossFit.

I gave up scoccer for CrossFit.

NEOH: Your "golden" CrossFit rule?

Stephanie: "Give up - give everything" #sarcasm

NEOH: Finish the sentence: As a trainer, I am ...

Stephanie: ... "real", honest, committed & sometimes funny.

NEOH: Is CrossFit more endurance - or or more strength driven?

Stephanie: Both!

NEOH: Complete the sentence: My CrossFit Box Wiener Neustadt is ...

Stephanie: ... a place for my emotional imbalances.

NEOH: Beanie oder Cap?

Stephanie: Beanie 🤩

Stephanie in action:

NEOH athlete Stephanie Schabl / CrossFit 💪

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