NEOH athlete Vanessa Wagner / CrossFit 💪
NEOH athlete Vanessa Wagner / CrossFit 💪


Vanessa Wagner used to be more sporty on the motocross bike. But since she discovered CrossFit for herself, she is constantly pushing her limits. Up to 3 hours of training a day have taken her to where she is today. So in 2019 she drove as Fittest Woman in Austria to the CrossFit Games in the USA to compete against the word elite.

I kind of enjoy pain!

NEOH: Why CrossFit?

Vanessa: Because in CrossFit you never stop learning, you always have to go beyond your own limits and I kind of enjoy pain! :-D

NEOH: Complete the sentence: For me, the CrossFit Games were…

Vanessa: ... an unforgetable experience with a very disappointing result. I'll have to go back again and make amends!

NEOH: Can I do a trial training session with you in

Vanessa: Of course! Simply book a trial training session on I always look forward to meeting someone who wants to be tormented by me!

NEOH: Complete the sentence: When I want to regenerate and recharge my batteries, then…

Vanessa: ... I'd like to spend time in the woods, on a mountain or on/in the water! I'm a real country girl!

NEOH: Straight up gangster rap or rock queen?

Vanessa: ROCK FUCKING QUEEN - what else?!

Vanessa in action:

NEOH athlete Vanessa Wagner / CrossFit 💪

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