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Reduction of sugar alone is not enough. We want to reduce all carbs which affects your blood sugar levels and so leads your body to insulin distribution. To combine all those carbs which do this we use the NetCarbs calculation:

12g Carbs - 9g Polyols (Eryhtritol, Xylit, Maltit) =
3g NetCarbs
if you are on a keto diet, we have a special calculation below.

Many bars just reduce sugar by replacing them with other raw materials which are not called sugar, but have the similar impact on your blood sugar. This is the reason why you should take care about your NetCarb intake. You can proof your Nutrition with a blood sugar test or you can take the glycemic index. The lower the index, the lower the impact on your blood sugar. Example: Sugar has GI of 65, White bread even worse with GI 75. Chines Cale has only GI 12. Our main sweetener Erythritol has more or less GI 0.

Ketogenic Diet

Carbs are all around in our daily nutrition, so our body knows only one major source of energy. Sugar. The ketogenic diet forces your body to take fat as the primary energy source. This has huge positive impacts on your system. But this also means an intake of only 20-30g Carbs a day.

1 NEOH bar = 4g Keto NetCarbs**

4g Keto Net Carbs =
0g from Erythritol
+ 0,8g from Maltitol (40% of 2g Maltit)
+ 0,2g from Xylitol (20% of 1g Xylit)
+ 1,6g from Tapioka starch
+ 1,4g from natural sugars  cocoa mass, whey powder etc.

At Keto every gramm of carb counts, and so we really isolated all carbs and calulated the exact impact on your blood sugar.

One very Important addition and for us the most underrepresented category are the fibers. NEOH has 10% fibers, which is a lot, and this will also positively influence your digestive system and the impact of the carbs.

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