Neoh Double Choc Pancakes

Das perfekte Dessert für Sportler: Neoh Double Choc Pancakes

Ingredients (2-4 portions)

For the pancakes:
2 NEOH CrossBars
30 g vanilla flavored whey protein powder
25 g oat or spelt flakes
2 tablespoons of milk (~50 ml)
4 egg whitesA little butter

For the topping:

250 g strawberries
2 tablespoons of birch sugar (~10 g)

For the NEOH chocolate sauce:
2 NEOH CrossBars
A dash of milk

How To

Strawberry topping:
The warm-up for this recipe? The topping! Wash the strawberries, chop roughly and marinate them in a bowl with birch sugar. Then comes the rest break: Let the topping set for 20 mins.

The pancake mixture:
this is how to make the mixture: Crush two NEOH bars roughly and then whisk the egg whites until stiff. Now you can carefully fold the whey, flakes, the milk and the two crushed NEOH bars into the beaten egg white. Melt some butter in a coated pan and add the pancake mixture. Now sear until both sides are golden brown!

NEOH chocolate sauce:
melt two more CrossBars (roughly chopped) in a pan over a low heat with a dash of milk. Stir the sauce regularly and add a dash of milk if necessary. Now you can stack the finished pancakes on a plate, garnish with the marinated strawberries and serve with the hot NEOH sauce!

Nutritional values (for 2 portions) with topping

approx. 425 kcal | 49.7 g carbs | 40.5 g protein | 13.6 g fat | 10.4 g sugar

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